10 schools attend festival

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10 schools attend festival


5 December 2018

At least 10 primary schools on Saturday turned up for the Arts and Cultural Festival held in Harare with the aim of promoting, maintaining and preserving arts, culture heritage and wildlife in urban and rural communities.

The event was organised by National Education and Cultural Trust (NECTZIM).

The event was in clusters where some schools were at Greystone Park and Avonlea Primary schools and Mbeu performed at both venues.

NECTZIM Media and Liaison Officer, Pollate Tapfumanei said they were excited to be holding such an event which helps in grooming school children from the grassroots levels in preaching the preservation of arts and culture.

“We have noticed the importance of educating the rural and urban community in our cultural heritage and wildlife providing their knowledge and these resources in Zimbabwe.

“We have been participating with schools by way of the construction of a typical traditional African homestead and educating cultural activities in line with the new curriculum.

“This has been helping pupils practically experience the importance of cultural heritage as we are working with the government and non-governmental organisations for the development of this sector.”

Added Tapfumanei:

“We can appreciate other people’s culture but not forgetting our own.

“We are trying to catch the children from a young age so that they understand the preservation of our arts, culture and heritage.

“Children are easy to teach coming from the grassroots level and by the time they will be grown up, they would have mastered a lot.

“A lot of individuals who are successful today are in the art industry, thus we have invited the parents to witness this and embrace the initiative,” he said.

Avonlea Primary School Headmaster said:

“Next time we will make it compulsory to all the children to attend because this is a good initiative which should be embraced by children at grassroots level.”

During the events, the children were given a platform to showcase dancing skills before they were joined by parents.

NECTZIM has partnered Parks and Wildlife, National Museum and Monument, Kutinya Arts, Music Crossroads and PSI while Proton and Eversharp are the sole sponsors of the program.

The organisation is working with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education where they have enhanced the cultural awareness programs that include various activities and arts, showcasing cultural diversity through music, art exhibition, drama, poetry, dances.

Musician Mbeu and his band, Apama School of Arts provided entertainment while Greystone Park, Avonlea, ZRP Marlborough, Masaisai and St Joseph’s Primary schools attended among others.

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