10-year plan for Chitown

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10-year plan for Chitown


Shelly Guni, H-Metro Reporter

CHITUNGWIZA residents could be in for some improved service delivery if the new 10-year developmental plan announced on Monday is anything to go by.

The 10-year vision that will see Chitungwiza achieving a city status by 2030 was articulated by the Chitungwiza Mayor, councillor Lovemore Maiko who was addressing members of the media after a full council meeting on Monday.

“The last 10 years have been a bad decade. It was disastrous decade economically as we failed to implement quite a number of projects with high impact.

“We have generally remained a dormitory town since establishment. The population has grown over the years leading to a haphazard residential development.

“This exerted pressure on our existing sewer and water reticulation infrastructure. The situation is not looking good.

“To this end, my team and I have decided to come up with a 10-year developmental plan that is a turnaround strategy to take Chitungwiza to a situation it deserves,” he said.

Mayor Maiko however, believes unity will see them through.

“Devising a 10-year developmental project is not a one-man band. It needs all hands on the deck. The starting point should be our internal structures, departments should develop operating manual systems and have personnel with the requisite qualification.

“Our advantage is that we have previous human resources audits that gives us an insight into the required manpower, the tasks and cost attended to it.”

He however, implored council workers to practice professionalism if they are to achieve positive results.

“All council employees should be professional in their conduct and abide by employment and labour tenets as this is necessary in council’s quest to deliver the highest level of service to rate payers.”

Mayor Maiko acknowledged that the service delivery in Chitungwiza had been poor but they are ready to improve.

“I am pleased to report that we have received a number of external audit reports that as council we are looking into a view to implement their recommendation.

“We will engage stakeholders including local governance Minister on these issues. Implementing the recommendation is a good starting point. This will mark the end of a chaotic era and the start of a new decade with an improved quality service delivery.

“We are aware that our services have been far from satisfactory. Our stakeholders have a role to play and we will continue to engage them,” he said.

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