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REGGAE and dancehall fans are in for a treat as 100 sound systems and 50 MCs are set to clash at City Sports Centre in Harare on September 2.

The Cup Clash event, which coincides with the last day of the Harare Agricultural Show, has produced stars in previous years.

Self-proclaimed ghetto president, Godfatha Templeman, along with Etherton B, DJ Fantan and seasoned selector, Gary B, will be part of the bill.

This year’s edition will honour pioneers of the sound system culture which became popular in Zimbabwe from the 1980s and 1990s.

The sound system culture died shortly after the turn of the millennium and there are now increasing calls to revive it.

Chipaz Promotions, under the directorship of Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza, is promoting the culture to unearth new talent at the event.

“Basically, it’s going to be back to basics as we seek to revive the culture.

“We are simply promoting the culture which was started long back by other promoters before we came into the picture.

“I have realised that we are not producing new voices, new sounds and new MCs, hence the decision to go back to where it started,” Chipaz said.

He hailed pioneers of the culture for paving the way for them.

“Big up to those who initiated it, especially Stereo One led by the late Jah Bee, the late Fleeceman and people like Major E, Booker T and Etherton Beenie.

“I must give enough respect to these guys and say they did great for our industry to produce great artists like Dadza D and Ricky Fire, who came from these cup clashes.”

He also promised revellers that this year’s Cup Clash would leave lasting impressions.

“In short, this year it will be a turnaround time to have new voices. With 100 sound systems and 50 MCs, fans should expect nothing, but fireworks.

“We are also hoping to add a number of surprise artists to grace the occasion while new talent will be unearthed at the event,” he said.

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