Zolani Nleya

AWARD-WINNING Afro dancehall star, Nutty O, insists he was not ‘beefing’ with anyone following his recent interview on the Denny J Show.

The debate was triggered after the Samanyanga Sounds camp commented on whether Zimbabwe still had record labels or not.

Holy 10 and Michael Maggz questioned the criteria in which Nutty O used to measure how record labels were supposed to be.


Holy 10 wrote: “There is no record label in Zimbabwe? Wangu cooler down.

“So Samanyanga Sounds is what, a circus? Put some respect on the work we are pushing out here.

“People are feeding their families because of the work we do.”

Michael also expressed his disagreement with Nutty O saying he didn’t understand the subject he was talking about.


Nutty O caught the attention of many artists after he openly said there were no record labels in Zimbabwe, only cliques which people mistakenly took as labels.

In an interview with H-Metro, Nutty O said that he was not ‘beefing’ with anybody but just stating facts and issues that need to be addressed in order for the music industry to thrive.

“I have no beef with any artist, I am that one person who just minds his own business. If I am to perform, I just go and perform and leave, I mind my business and I do my own thing.

“The issue about record labels, well, I can say there are no record labels in Zimbabwe.

“Yes, Chillspot is putting some work and they are pushing but they just fall short of what is expected of a record label.

“It is all different from what Sony, Columbia Records or Universal are doing. Those are the standards that we should be emulating for the industry to thrive,” he said.


Zimbabwe used to have Gramma Records and ZMC as some of the top record labels in the country.

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