12 years for Yahya Goodvibes robbers

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12 years for Yahya Goodvibes robbers Yahya Vibes


Zvikomborero Parafini

A man who was part of a gang that robbed media personality Yahya Goodvibes and her family was on Monday sentenced to nine years in prison.

Trymore Changamire, who initially pleaded not guilty, was convicted after a full trial by regional magistrate Letwin Rwodzi.

Trymore was initially sentenced to 12 years before two were suspended on condition that he doesn’t commit a similar offence in the next five years, while another year was suspended on condition that he restitutes US$1 800 for the stolen property by February 28.

The State represented proved that Changamire and his accomplices still at large connived to rob Wilson Mutongwizo, Yahya Goodvibes’s father, and armed themselves with a pistol.

They went to the family’s residence in Warren Park D on December 24, 2021, where they ambushed Mutongwizo as he arrived home with his wife Florence Karimazondo.

They pounced on the couple as they were getting inside the house and pointed a pistol at Mutongwizo who they ordered to remain silent and comply with their instructions.

They tied his hands and legs with electric cables and force-marched him into the house where his wife and kids, including Yahya were watching TV.

They threatened the family with the pistol and ordered them to lie down on the floor while they assaulted the father demanding money and threatening to kill him.

Mutongwizo indicated that he didn’t have any money and they ransacked the house and stole US$90, cellphones and an HP laptop belonging to Yahya Goodvibes, whose real name is Mitchel Mutongwizo.

The court heard that on December 30, 2021, Yahya Goodvibes received information from a friend that a laptop bearing her name was being sold in Norton and she alerted police who rushed to the scene and arrested Changamire.

She positively identified the laptop and logged on her credentials leading to Changamire’s arrest.

In his defence, Changamire told the court that he knew nothing and had bought the laptop from a client of his as he is a taxi driver.

He, however, failed to lead police to where he had bought the laptop.

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