13 Adam Bede workers arrested

19 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
13 Adam Bede workers arrested


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THIRTEEN Adam Bede Furniture workers were yesterday reportedly arrested for protesting against poor working conditions, prompting their 30 workmates to hand themselves over to the police in solidarity.

The arrested workers were taken to Southerton Police Station.

Their workmates, who were not arrested, visited their colleagues in solidarity demanding that they too be arrested.

The firm’s manager, Bradley Tatenda Mberi, denied that their employees had been arrested, telling the publication to follow up the case with the relevant authorities.

When H-Metro visited Southerton Police Station, there were scores of people outside who were wearing the company’s uniform.

The employees, who refused to be named, claimed they had not been paid their salaries since April 2021.

“We have not been paid our salaries since April 2021, our employer has not been giving us our salaries in full.

“We don’t remember the last time we received our salaries in full,” said an employee. All of this started when a new manager came . . . he has been trying to change the way we do things.

“He doesn’t respect us as human beings. Since he came, we have been working with security monitoring us.”

He said they have also been subjected to forced leave.

“This is not the first time that we have been arrested, or brought to the police station. We have been here several times over the same issues.

“It is now frustrating because we were not employed to stay on leave for six months or more. We were employed to work.”

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