15 years for murdering relative

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15 years for murdering relative


31 May 2018


A 30-YEAR-OLD man from Shangani was sentenced to 15 years in jail for murdering his cousin’s husband with a burning log over a pliers row.

Best Sibanda (30) appeared before Gweru High Court Judge Justice Nicolas Mathonsi facing charges of murder and was sentenced to 15 years in prison for murdering his cousin’s husband Lot Mhlanga (29).

In passing the sentence Justice Mathosi said, to the accused, “you decided to take law into your own hands just because you were wronged by Mhlanga then as a solution in revenge you murdered him.

“This sentence will send a message to the communities to show that we do not tolerate such behaviors therefore you are given 15 years in prison.”

It is the state case that in May last year Mhlanga borrowed a pliers from Sibanda and before he could return it his child misplaced it.

Mhlanga then advised Sibanda that the pliers was misplaced and then he offered to give him a 32 GB flash drive as compensation to which he agreed.

Sibanda later realised that the flash drive he was given belonged to someone else and it was stolen. He confronted Mhlanga and they ended up fighting which led to Sibanda striking him with an axe on his knee.

The court heard that on August 4 last year around 1am, Mhlanga was at Shangani business centre drinking beer and he got drunk and fell into a deep sleep besides the fire which was near the bar.

Sibanda then appeared from the other side of the bar where he met Xolani Moyo and asked him if he had seen Mhlanga because he was seriously looking for him.

He then saw Mhlanga sleeping by the fire where he was warming himself. Sibanda then withdrew a burning log from the fire and struck him on the head causing a deep cut. Mhlanga then bled heavily and died on the spot.

Upon seeing that Mhlanga was hurt he tried to resuscitate him and poured water but it was too late. Sibanda fled from the scene and was arrested after two months by the police.

(From Tsitsi Mukozho in Gweru)

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