15 YEARS, NO PAY FOR METHODIST CARETAKER . . . demands US$54 000 in compensation

Mangaliso Kabulika

A METHODIST Church caretaker in Budiriro 4 says he hasn’t been paid for the 15 years he served the church, and is demanding US$54 000 in compensation.

He is now facing eviction from the church premises following the cancellation of a lease agreement.

Makomborero Musiiwa (47) was hired as a caretaker at the church in 2008.

He says he was told his remuneration would be decided by the church’s leadership.

However, in 2021, the church decided to change his job title to church member and crafted a lease agreement, which he signed.

He now claims he was tricked into signing the agreement.

Despite engaging a lawyer, Musiiwa still finds himself in the cold and claims the church has been ignoring him.

“They changed my job title to church member because they knew that they would not pay me anything since I would just be a member,” he told H-Metro.

“They simply saw me as a volunteer and tricked me into signing it.

“The church said it doesn’t owe me any money because I am just a member. 

Ndakavati ko yekumashure vakati hatizvizive izvo.”

Musiiwa engaged a lawyer and he says the church initially opted for an out-of-court settlement.

But,  when his issue was brought up in a leaders’ meeting, it was ignored.

Handisi kuramba kuenda, asi I want my money.”

The Mehtodist Church steward in Budiriro, Mai Ndenga, said she couldn’t comment on the matter.

“I can’t comment on this subject as it requires church authority. Since akuuudzai zvaataura nyorai izvozvo asi kubuda hake ari kuzobuda,” said Mai Ndenga.

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