160 chanters remember Jah Love in a riddim

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160 chanters remember Jah Love in a riddim Soul Jah Love


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

More than 160 chanters have put voices on a riddim dubbed 21Gun Salute aimed at honouring the late liberation hero, Soul Jah Love.

Seh Calaz, who is well-known for lyrical war with the late Chibaba, is the brain behind this riddim which was recorded at his Yalanation Recording Studio.

Seh Calaz

The riddim was recorded by Steezy from Yalanation Studios, DKT from DKT Studios and PTK from PTK Music.


In an interview, Seh Calaz said more than 160 chanters put their voices on this riddim.


“We recorded about 165 artistes in total.


“We had a lot of artistes who were recording for the first time so to have them learn how to record was tasking.


“Also artistes faced challenges with transport money to come and record.


“We also had to make sure that we were observing Covid-19 protocols,” he said.


He added:


“It is important for Zimbabweans to appreciate Zimbabwean art.


“Charity begins at home. Nobody is going to make us great if we don’t make ourselves great.


“The young and upcoming artistes require support from every one so that they realise their full potential.


“There are a lot of people who can support art in Zimbabwe in different ways and its time that they start to do so.”


Asked about his relationship with fellow chanters, he said:


“Most of the things people say or talk about to be between artistes is imaginary.


“As artistes we ultimately respect each other’s craft. So very cordial and normal relationships that’s why they were able to come and record.


“Zimdancehall is in safe hands for as long and we can still breathe.


“Its been our life and it will be our life. Tiripo hapana kwari kuenda.”


The  Mumota Murikubvira singer also told this publication that he is learning a lot from different situations.


“People are jealous! They only want to be the ones doing certain things. If it’s done by someone they throw spanners but zvaMwari hazvipikiswe.


“Learn to learn to clap hands for others because your turn will come,” he said.


Some of the chanters on this riddim include Hwindi Prezident, Ras Pompey, Jah Master, Ricky Fire and Silent Killer among others.

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