25 more years for child molester

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25 more years for child molester Handson Chinamhora


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter
A FURTHER 25 years jail time has been added on the serial child molester who was sentenced to 37 years last month for sodomising eight minor boys.
The serial molester 58-year-old Handson Chinamhora initially appeared before Harare magistrate Ignatio Mhene who sentenced him to 37 years in prison, with 32 years effective for sodomising 8 minor boys.

He pleaded not guilty to sodomising and raping a young boy and girl respectively and the matter went to trial.

He was sentenced to 15 years for the rape charge and an effective 10 years for aggravated indecent assault.

The 25 years will run concurrently with the 32 years.

In the reasons for sentence, magistrate Mhene said he was convinced that Chinamhora committed the offences based on the evidence submitted.

“Accused doesn’t deny knowing the complainants and living in the same neighbourhood as them.

“One of the complainant’s medical affidavits shows that there was no penetration in her vagina, while the other one showed definite evidence of penetration and anal dilation.

It is not in dispute that the two minors were incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse” he said.

“The analysis of the evidence by the young girl she mentioned that she was well known to accused and he would call her into his bedroom where he would remove her clothes and put his sexual organ into hers, she mentioned that she didn’t mention the rape incident to anyone due to the snacks and sweets she was being given and her matter came to light when the other children spoke out.

“She had no sexual experience and didn’t know what would happen when a woman has sexual intercourse.

Although her evidence is regarded as Juvenile evidence, of interest she mentioned that his organ would enter hers and this would cause her pain when urinating.

“Accused during trial said he put his organ in between her buttocks but from what she said, there’s legal penetration and the slightest penetration even without breaking the hymen is a component of legal penetration and that’s rape.

“This explains the difference between medical penetration and legal penetration and it’s the courts finding that at the time of examination, there were no bruises because it happened between March and September and the examination was done on September 22.

“The Young boy also said he felt pain when defecating and accused would lure him into his room using snacks and sweets and this was corroborated by the medical affidavit.

“Half admissions show that he’s pleading to a lesser charge but evidence adduced shows that he did more than he was pleading to, he penetrated the young girl but didn’t break her hymen and Penetrated the boy into his anus.

“The court is Convicted beyond reasonable that he raped the girl and indecently assaulted the boy, and is found guilty as charged,” he said.

In mitigation, Chinamhora pleaded for leniency telling the court that he’s the only male child in his family and if he’s to spend 50 years in jail, that would be the end of his lineage.

That submission was strongly contested by prosecutor Shepherd Makonde who told the court that Chinamhora had been planting seeds in the wrong places by molesting these children when he could have found consenting adults who could bear him children.

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