277 eviction notices in Glen Norah, Highfield

27 Oct, 2021 - 13:10 0 Views
277 eviction notices in Glen Norah, Highfield


Talent Gore, H-Metro Reporter

At least 277 eviction notices have been sent to tenants in Glen Norah and Highfield who owe Council $82,8 million.

Harare City Council (HCC) advised residents and business enterprises that debt collection team is visiting to enforce bill payment on the need for residents to fund service delivery.

Council recently set up a debt collection blitz team headed by Jabulani Duve upon realising that some debtors needed a direct interface to pay up.

In a statement, Council said debtors owed the city fathers $14 billion.

HCC further said failure or delays in retiring the debt is adversely affecting funding for service delivery.

“All debtors are therefore urged to be paid up and in situations where they cannot pay up at once, payment plans are advised,” read the statement.

“Council is committed to providing top class services provided resources are made available.

“Council will deface billboards that are not paid for while illegally erected billboards and directional signs will be taken into safe custody.”

Council said they had opened a window to regularize some billboards provided the owners the stipulated fines and lease fees.

“According to Harare (Control of Advertising Signs) By Laws, 1981, it is illegal to erect billboards or any structure within City of Harare of jurisdiction without a permit and approved plans from council,” said Council.

“Advertising companies with billboards are advised to settle their debts and avoid removal of the advertising signage.”

Council also said they are auditing occupancy of its residential and commercial properties.

“Occupants not paying rentals will be evicted. Part of the audit verifies lease ownership and council will offer leases to sitting tenants,” read the statement.

Harare has a vision to achieve a world class city status by 2025.

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