2Pac inspired rapper, producer dreams big

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2Pac inspired rapper, producer dreams big TateBeatz


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

CHITUNGWIZA based rapper and producer Tatenda “TateBeatz” Munhamo, who is influenced by the late American activist and rapper 2Pac Shakur, says passion drives him to keep making music.

TateBeatz, who started rapping at the age of 15, said challenges in his music career made him to upgrade his hustle in music and life.

Therefore, 2Pac’s music gave him the spirit to hustle and to dream big, now he is always with his PC making beats hoping one day it will pay.


“I started raping when in was 15 but later stopped at 19 because I didn’t have money to purchase beats and studio time.


“So I ventured into beat making and production. Heavily inspired by 2Pac I realised that I should hustle and not giving up.


“He inspired me musically because his sound was natural and organic. His music has emotions and truth, an on production part, I am inspired by Dr Dre,” he said.


“I don’t leave my computer, it’s my best friend. I am always on PC so I got all the time to create and learn because I want to be a star and renowned producer too,” he added.


TateBeatz also wants to assist upcoming artists.


“It will be great to have international stars coming from Zimbabwe with nice music.


“My other aim is to uplift young artists and nurture them so as to have bestselling albums,” said TateBeatz.


TateBeatz has a record label, he also has time to groom young producers.


“In 2016 I started a project called Organic Circuit which teaches young producers beat making, mixing and mastering on YouTube.


“In July 2020, I opened a record label called Flex Note where I record and produce my own tracks as well as a few talents who need support,” he told H-Metro.


TateBeatz has an album titled Pay My Hustle released last year in November. He is expecting to release a seven-track track EP next month.

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