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Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

The High Court has given the Harare City Council a three month-ultimatum to provide the Environmental Management Agency with its Pomona Dump Site Decommissioning Plan.

According to the ruling by Justice Mary Dube, the city fathers must submit the plan for approval by the agency.


The ruling follows an application by EMA who questioned how the Pomona waste site is fast becoming a hazard with council not attending to it over the past years.


City of Harare and City Health Director, Dr Prosper Chonzi, are sited as respondents.


“The City of Harare shall submit within three calendar months the Pomona Dump Site Decommissioning Plan to the Environmental Management Agency for approval indicating timelines and adequate budget for the construction of a properly engineered landfill.


“The City of Harare shall within the same period as above take such measures as may be directed by EMA to properly manage their Pomona waste disposal site and to implement proper prevention measures,” reads the ruling.


In recent years, residents in Pomona have been raising concern over continued air pollution emanating from the dumpsite owned by Harare City Council, which usually catches fire.


A huge cloud of smoke emanating from the dumpsite usually clouds and suffocates residents causing serious air pollution in Harare’s northern suburbs.

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