30 months for electric gadgets theft

22 May, 2019 - 14:05 0 Views
30 months for electric gadgets theft Jamie Pope


Fatima Chiweshe, Court Reporter

A BORROWDALE man was yesterday sentenced to 30 months in prison for stealing electric gadgets worth $1 590-00.

Jamie Pope, 20, was found guilty of stealing an HP laptop, Samsung S6 edge cell phone, external hard drive, laptop charger, laptop bag and $250.

The State led by Florence Jambanja proved that on May 18 at around 8am, Pope stole from Anna Mapanzure’s house after he forced entry through the kitchen window.

Whilst inside the house, Pope proceeded to the bedroom and took advantage that Mapanzure was bathing and stole an HP laptop, laptop charger, Samsung S6 Edge cellphone, an external hard drive, laptop bag and US$250.

Pope was seen by Mapanzure in the kitchen whilst he was hiding behind the kitchen door and Mapanzure quickly rushed to her bedroom where she phoned the caretaker for assistance.

The caretaker got into Mapanzure’s house and he saw Pope escaping through the window,then chased him and apprehended him with the help from police officer Assistant Inspector Dube and other members of the public.

Pope was arrested whilst he was in possession of the property and the cash was hidden in his socks which was subsequently recovered from him.





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