Hortiflor exhibition underway

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Hortiflor exhibition underway


10 October 2018

Mr Dick van Raamsdonk -Genera Director of HPP International Exhibitions Groups

HortiFlor 2018 exhibition that seeks to boost exports and become once again one of Africa’s top horticulture exporters began yesterday in the capital with organisers confident that the showcase would yield results.

HPP Exhibitions held an official opening for the at the Harare International Conference Centre with over 50 Zimbabwean and international companies showcasing their products and services.

The exhibition which is running under the title Hortiflor Zimbabwe will be running through to the 11th of October and this is the first International Horticulture and Floriculture trade show in the country.

The trade fair is open to players in the fresh flowers, vegetables and fruit industry

Dick van Raamsdonk the President of HPP International Group BV said the first goal to bring the trade fair exhibition from rest of the world to Zimbabwe was a success.

“It’s happening, we have made the first step to renew the industry of horticulture in Zimbabwe that can grow and start exporting fresh produce, vegetables and fruits to the rest of the world like it used to before.”

Raamsdonk however went on to say that the horticulture industry was facing various challenges but they differed per country.

“In Zimbabwe the main problem is the freight charge usually if you want to export your freight cost is usually one of the challenges.

“The international financial system also has to be updated because if you do business internationally you have to have foreign exchange in order.

“Overally, there are a lot of good things in Zimbabwe that are just waiting to be used for example the climate, the know-how that is existing in Zimbabwe and also the lands are very fertile. They are good for vegetables and flowers.

He went on to express how happy he was to have initiated Zimbabwe into the exhibition tours

“I am very happy to have come here because I really think Zimbabwe is a good market for us.

Horticulture is waiting to be explored in Zimbabwe and will definitely lead to a lot of investments, more trade production, more exports, more forex more employment and in the end an increased well-being for everybody in Zimbabwe,” he said.

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