Tariro Tumbukayi

ZIM dancehall artist, Obey “KSP stopper” Bonongwe, is hoping to get recognition after being in the industry since 2018.

The singer, who has 35 songs under his belt, says he remains a nonentity in showbiz despite putting in a lot of effort.

“I am still hoping that one day my career will blossom.

“After starting my career in 2018, I have since released 35 singles featuring a few upcoming Zim dancehall artists.

“I have been thriving since then in trying to up my game in the field but the journey is not easy.

“It is my desire to also get some promoters who will see my music so that I can be counted among other singers.”

He said he believes in hard work, which keeps him going.

“I have a YouTube channel and I am really working hard in trying to have many followers so that promoters can discover me and my work as nowadays promoters are looking for artists who are already famous in the field,” said the chanter.

The artist has been in this field for quite a few years and is still hoping for a breakthrough.

He is also looking forward to having some promoters to support his music.

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