365 days of campaigning for increased women’s participation

Latwell Nyangu

THE Women’s Democracy Network Zimbabwe (ZDN-ZW) has called for 365 days of activities to promote gender responsive policy-making for increased women’s participation in public life.

Vice chair of Women’s Democracy Network Zimbabwe, Olga Makoni, said they were moving a step higher.

“While we are pleased with the outcomes of the campaign, we continue to call for stakeholders to join us in action from ten days to three hundred and sixty-five days of action.

“Thank you all for your support in raising awareness on promoting Gender Responsive Policymaking for Women’s Participation in Public Life in the country and #TimeToAct #genderequality #genderequity with gender champions.

“We appreciate all those who participated and contributed during the 10 days of activism media campaign launched by Women’s Democracy Network through utilising multiple mediums and platforms such as news articles, radio interviews, online policy dialogues and social media posts.

“Contributions from gender champions, and exceptional women leaders from various fields, made use of the platforms.”

Makoni said they have shown what women need.

“The campaign had set out to, among other things, increase stakeholders awareness on barriers to women’s inclusion and participation, strengthen the responsiveness of duty bearers, and to call for public support for women’s leadership.

“As we look forward to more engagements, we are now richer with ideas and new possibilities of what could be done to improve the participation of women in leadership positions and the decision making process in creating sustainability in the country.”

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