8 nabbed over UZ violence

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8 nabbed over UZ violence Abiona Mataranyika


Bethel Bayanai

EIGHT University of Zimbabwe students were on Tuesday night arrested for violence that left 10 people injured as well as a trail of destruction of property.

The skirmishes started when a dispute arose over Student Representative Council election results announcement. Of the injured, two were campus security personnel.

Abiona Mataranyika

The scuffle was between students aligned to the two major student bodies Zimbabwe National Student Union and Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union.

National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said it was wrong for students to behave violently adding that they needed proper grooming.

“Police will make sure that such violent behaviour does not prevail at our local universities.

“A number of buildings and properties were damaged during the violence at the university.

‘’Police officers were called in as reinforcement to assist university security in controlling the student,’’ he said.

He said a few rioters were taken into custody and police are still searching for the real culprits behind the violence.

Private vehicles parked at the campus were also destroyed.

ZINASU’s Abiona Mataranyika emerged as the winning candidate leading to the conflict.

Outgoing student president Nathan Dumba denounced the hooliganism.

“Students from the both parties clashed over the election results with some sustaining injuries.

“Some of the injured students were rushed to nearby hospitals and the few who initiated the violence are now in police custody.

“We do not condone such behaviour because the conflict led the student into damaging the Student union building where the elections were being held,” he said.

He said UZ security guards were overpowered before police reinforcement was called in.

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