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8-YEAR-OLD LAMENTS GBV MICLA Nokutenda Never with her mother


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Glen View 7 Primary School grade two pupil has become a darling of many with her poems, which advocate against Gender Based Violence and child abuse.

The little girl, Micla Nokutenda Never, has been posting several poems relating to incidents involving the murder of Tapiwa Makore, violence against women, children being bashed among others.


In an interview with the girl’s mother Clara Ndundu, she said:


“She is doing grade two at Glen View 7 Primary School and she started reciting about coronavirus.

“She was copying adverts from the television and enjoying it, that’s when I decided to write it down for her putting more words.


“From there she was enjoying doing more poems and when she heard about Tapiwa’s murder she said, “mama let’s do a poem about it.


“She was very emotional to an extent she even cried when she recited the poem,” she said.


Added Clara:


“I am her mother and I help in her poems. After she did a poem for Tapiwa, her wish was the poem to be seen by the President.”


Micla said she is always thinking about sad events before she recites.


“Each time I do such poems I will be thinking about them in my heart, why do people do such things, zvakandirwadza mumoyo wangu, especially on the latest video of a man bashing his wife.


“I saw the video of a woman who was being beaten, zvakandirwadza.


“So I start from thinking inside my heart and my mother will then write for me, vanozoti rega ndikunyorere, so that’s what I will be meditating leading for me to recite.


“I am irked by those who kill children, it disturbs me, in can imagine if it’s me, my desire is to meet the President, ndivaudze, ndidzo shungu dzangu inini.


“I want to tell him my heart desires when it comes to women’s lives and children abusers.”


She has recited poems on Covid-19, murder, wife bashers among other subjects.

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