911 Band to debut at Theatre in the Park

Maria Chiguvari

FRESH from winning the Chibuku Road to Fame, 911 Band will make their debut at Theatre in the Park in Harare today. 

Lead vocalist and spokesperson for the band, Taona Tiakudze (TK) said the group aimed to become synonymous with entertainment, like the emergency services. 

“We want to be the first band to come to mind when a need of entertainment emerges just as in an emergency in the US people call 911. We want that to be a trend of musical emergency here in Zimbabwe.

“We are so excited about our first show at Theatre in the Park and we are looking forward to more business with Theatre in the Park as well as other new opportunities that may come our way,” said TK.

If all goes well, 911 band might relocate to Harare although three of their members are studying music at Midlands State University.

“I guess we will have to have a base in Harare and a base in Gweru because some of the members, including myself, are still at Midlands State University. But we wouldn’t mind a donor so that we have a place in Harare,” he said.

The group is yet to release an album.

“An album is still in the making and we will sample two or three songs from our upcoming album due out later this year, but most of the songs on this show will be cover songs.”

The group was founded in 2019 and regrouped after the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021.

The self-managed band consists of six members, TK, Matthew Mabengo, aka Migobass, on bass, Tinaishe Mugari (Hotsticks) drummer, Peniel Kariteni (Pennystrings) acoustic guitarist, Clemence Shirichena (Cleanbird) lead guitarist and Tanatswa Yotama the keyboardist.

TK said what separates them from the rest is that they are a musical enterprise, and their key values are professionalism and integrity.

“We have set ourselves as a company and the money we got was invested in our sound and transportation.

“We want to appreciate our fans and families for their steadfast commitment to supporting us this far and we pray that God makes them flourish and live long to see us shine till the end,” Tiakudze said.

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