A tale of two Ghetto presidents

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A tale of two Ghetto presidents Simba Chakare


25 May 2018

Godfatha Templeman (ghetto president)

They come from two different ghettos but are all recognised with one moniker, Ghetto president.

This is not the only similarity between the two ghetto icons as they also share the same name, Simbarashe where one belongs to the Maphosa clan whilst the other is of Chakare.

The two are also into showbiz, both being deejays and promoters on the side and have held a number of shows in the capital.

H-Metro’s Nyasha Kada (NK) caught up with the two to go deeper on the Ghetto president issue. Read on…

NK: When and how did you get the title Ghetto president?


From day one I was born by the name Godfather Templeman, the ghetto president.

Templeman is the name I got from my bredrens (brothers), Templeman being my body is the temple of Jah, I will not abuse it, misuse or overuse it.

The name Godfather I got it when I made a promise to fight and devote to uplift the ghetto youths’ talent.

Ghetto president, I got the endorsement from people in several ghettos across Harare after they came to appreciate my works I had done over the years.

This was some few years back.

Simba Bodyslam

Simba Chakare

I got the name ghetto president from my fellow friends in Highfield where I was born and raised.

It’s some years back since I was given that name but it only got popular with many a few years back.

It’s only that I am the president of my ghetto Highfield other ghettos have their own presidents.

Which ghetto do you come from?

I come from Chitown (Chitungwiza) from 1988 to around 2007 when I moved out.

I give thanks and respect to Chitungwiza people, that’s my ghetto and to them I say even if I left the ghetto I am still a proud son of Chitown.

Simba Bodyslam

I come from Highfield and I am proud of where I come from.


Were you born and bred in your ghetto?

I was born in Chegutu but bred in Chitown.  Chitown gave me all the inspiration and I never regret a time I was there but cherish every second I was there.

It molded me to be the person I am today, through all the trials and tribulations and hardships.

Simba Bodyslam

Yes, I was born and raised in Highfield.


Did you attend school in your ghetto?

I did my primary education at Zengeza three primary school and my form one and two  Zengeza High one and then my form three and four at Mandedza Mission in Dema.

Simba Bodyslam

I attended my primary school at Kuwangira primary school in Machipisa and Kwayedza high school which was only a few meters from my house where I stayed with my maternal grandmother.

What have you to show as the Ghetto president?

The biggest thing I have to show as the ghetto president is my love to the ghetto and the people in the ghetto, Jah knows it all.

I give thanks praise as the Ghetto president, the almighty Jah Jah has blessed by giving me people that believe in me.

My possessions, the cars, house I live in, the food I eat and everything else all came from the ghetto.

Simba Bodyslam

As the ghetto president I chip in, in every way I can dzingave nhamo dzemu Highfield, the youth wanted to sing so we also try and help them in any way I can.

We have also started a kombi business to try and help the people of Highfield and curb transport problems and these kombis only go to Highfield.

So basically my efforts and help out of love for my ghetto is all I have to show as the ghetto president.

What are your obligations and duties as a ghetto president?

My duties and obligations as a ghetto president is to make sure every person has a roof over their head, health, to go to school, work and make money and safe guard whatever they have.

But the economy has been tough and rough on the ghetto youths; we give thanks to Jah Jah for Zim dancehall which helps take of the youths out of poverty and not engaging into drugs, abuse of alcohol and sex at an early age.

Simba Bodyslam

To see that people who suffer and are in need of help are given the assistance they need, not only by just me but even through interacting with other people from my neighborhood then we act and help as  group.

I try and stand with the people of my ghetto not only the youth but even the elderly.

Pakawanikwa matambudziko tomboedzawo kumira mira tichibatsira machembere nevese.


How does it feel to have the title ghetto president?

I feel honoured and humbled to be the ghetto president because its not about the money or how many cars I drive.

To have people look up to you, coming to seek advice and helping out people is just an amazing feeling and as a ghetto president that’s what makes me feel special.

Simba Bodyslam

It feels good to be the ghetto president, ndopazvinotangira ipapo wotozonzwa mangwana ndaa President we nyika.

The name ghetto president on its own carries a lot of weight, I am someone people look up to in the ghetto kuti Simba akauya zvinhu zvinofamba.

I am happy about the title.


Are you respected and can people identify you in other ghettos or it’s just the ghetto you come from?

Take me anywhere in the world and I will be the first to get back a yard.

The ghetto youths love me so much and I appreciate their love for the ghetto president.

Any ghetto I am in I love the support and respect I get.

It’s not love because of the money it’s just pure love between two people with the same history as I also come from the ghetto.

Simba Bodyslam

It started off in Highfield only but I am now respected in other ghettos like Mbare, Mufakose, Dzivaresekwa and many others.

I am now a respected person in society, now ndikasvika regardless which ghetto people now look at me kutotiwo Simba asvika.


How often do you visit the ghetto and do you still relate with the people in your ghetto?

I am there in the ghetto every minute, that’s where I spend most of my time I can’t spend a day without reaching the ghetto because that’s where I get my music and I need to know what going on in the ghetto.

Me being in the ghetto almost every time means I still relate with the people very well not just in my ghetto but many ghettos.

Simba Bodyslam

I visit the ghetto of Highfield every day of my life that’s where I eat my lunch, wash my car, ndokwandinoswera in most of my spare time as long as I am in Zimbabwe.

I only sleep in Mt Pleasant but I live in Highfield.



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