RAP legend Tupac would have been 53 on Sunday.

Born Lesane Parish Crooks, the rap superstar was born on June 16, 1971, in Harlem, New York. 

He is considered one of the greatest artists ever and has sold over 75 million records worldwide. 

He released his debut album, ‘2Pacalypse Now,’ in 1991. 

The rapper was heavily involved in the East Coast-West Coast hip-hop rivalry. 

Tupac’s album, ‘All Eyez on Me,’ became one of the best-selling United States albums. 

It was also considered the first double album in hip-hop. 

Tupac acted in the films ‘Juice’ and ‘Poetic Justice.’. 

He was shot multiple times by an unknown gunman on September 7, 1996 and later died on September 13, 1996, at the age of 25. 

But, 28 years after his tragic death, Tupac’s legend lives on.

In Zambia, they even have their own Tupac, who is known as Zed Tupac, Legaah or Legacy.

Zambian tupac

He is a self-acclaimed reincarnated Tupac, maximising on his striking resemblance to the legendary Tupac to keep Zambian hip-hop music alive.

Born Fredrick Thole in Ndola, Zambia, on June 7, 1985, Zed Tupac has garnered significant attention on social media with his appearance and music bearing a similar style to the hip-hop legend. 

The real Tupac was popular for using his music as a voice against violence, discrimination, classism, police brutality, and other cries for social justice. 

Zed Tupac, however, claims to maintain the legacy of his mentor. On his YouTube page, @LEGACY AKA Zed Tupac introduced his music as “a fusion of legacy and modernity as I channel the essence of 2Pac’s poetic brilliance into my unique sound. 

“Exploring a dynamic mix of raw lyricism and thought-provoking storytelling that pays homage to hip-hop’s roots while embracing its evolution.” 

Just like the real Tupac, Legaah has a clean-shaven head and a distinct goatee with a little moustache. 

He also ties a bandanna around his head and wears a nose ring which are the major signatures of Shakur. 

To make it more convincing, the doppelgänger also has some makeshift tattoos. 

Zed’s lyrics focus on mid-activism and ‘hood music’ with some of his popular songs ‘Don’t Cry’, ‘I’m Still Celebrating’, ‘Danger’, and ‘Ghetto (ft Mo money)’ capturing the spirit of Shakur’s activism and cry for a balanced society. — TANTV/mycourriertribune.com.

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