‘Abuse drove me to start organisation’

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‘Abuse drove me to  start organisation’ Precious Kiwiti


Nyasha Kada
ANTI gender-based violence activist, Precious Kiwiti, has revealed her personal experience drove her to start her organisation, ‘‘Precious Hearts Haven.’’

The non-profit organisation focuses on fighting gender-based violence against women and girls.

Speaking to H-Metro, Kiwiti said: “I witnessed my late sister living in an abusive relationship and, being a survivor, I grew a passion to help my fellow women who are suffering gender-based violence.

“My organisation offers rescue by giving victims temporary safe shelters, legal advice, counselling services, psychosocial support and skills training.”

Kiwiti, who started the organisation in 2020, said the journey has had both positives and negatives, so far.

“There has been both positives and negatives along the way but because of the passion that I have to help women, who may be experiencing domestic violence and all other forms of abuse, I always find the energy to soldier on, in order to accomplish the ultimate goal.

“I have been able to meet many women, especially in rural and marginalised areas, who have been living very painful lives silently. I have been able to meet many others, too, who have been willing to listen to these women’s stories so as to come up with community solutions to this scourge.

“On the negative side, I have not been able to find resources to assist us in reaching out to the women and girls, who are victims of gender-based violence.

“I know someday, someone somewhere will come our way and help us to acquire land to build safe houses for the victims, fund self-help projects for the victims so that they will not rely on their abusers.

“The journey has been bumpy but then the ride has to go on, for as long as it takes, to save victims and people living under any form of abuse,” she added.

Precious Hearts Haven recently had workshops with women in Zvimba and also partnered Population Services Zimbabwe during the international Women’s Day celebrations.

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