ABUSIVE, DRUNKARD, VIOLENT. . . Wife paints damning picture of Chitungwiza Councillor

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ABUSIVE, DRUNKARD, VIOLENT. . . Wife paints damning picture of Chitungwiza Councillor


Faith Mandizha

A WESTLEA woman painted a damning picture of her husband – a drunkard, violent, promiscuous and abusive.

The husband, who is a Chitungwiza Councillor, is threatening to kill her and destroy their property.

Tsitsi Ndawana said she was being traumatised by her hubby, Gift Tsverere.

She pleaded for a protection order against him at the Harare Civil Court yesterday.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire granted her the protection order.

She said he once drew a knife and threatened to stab her to death.

She also accused him of forcing her to have unprotected sex.

Tsitsi cried during the court hearing saying Gift was a drunkard and her son and maid were also afraid of him because of his violent behaviour.

She also accused him of damaging her new vehicle, breaking her phone, and assaulting her by pulling out her hair.

“I’m six months’ pregnant Your Worship, but he beats me up and abuses me emotionally.

“I had to run away from our matrimonial home because I’m now traumatised and afraid that I might have a miscarriage.

“When I’m at work, he walks around the house naked, dropping things intentionally for the maid to pick up so that he can see her behind. 

“Our son and maid are afraid of him. I’m emotionally drained right now. 

“He is a Councillor in Chitungwiza and sleeps with prostitutes from Chikwanha then comes home and forces me to have unprotected sex.”

Gift denied the allegations and said he still loves his “beautiful” wife.

“My wife is beautiful as you can see and I love her.

“But all that she said are lies. 

“I’m not violent like she says; these are false allegations.

“She is the one who complains that I’m not sleeping with her, saying I have many girlfriends, which is not true,” he said.

Magistrate Mashavire ordered Gift to maintain peace and stay away from their matrimonial house in Westlea.

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