Abusive polygamist sued

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Abusive polygamist sued


11 March 2019

AN apostolic sect member is at loggerheads with his first wife, who accuses him of being abusive.

Michael Mugwadi who said attends African Apostolic Church (Paul Mwazha) appeared before magistrate Tafadzwa Miti after being hauled by his first wife, Maggie Mugwadi.

Maggie, who wanted protection order, told the court that her marriage was on the brink of collapse as a result of her husband’s violent conduct.

“He beats me every time I ask for his help or money and he does not take care of my children because I am the first wife; he says I should hustle since I am the eldest wife.

“I am the first wife out of the other four. He no longer comes home and when I complain he only comes when he wants to be intimate with me,” she said.

Mugwadi denied the allegations and told the court that his first wife was irresponsible because she sold their property without his consent.

“My first wife sold my generator, refrigerator and bed without telling me and it angered me.

“Her behaviour annoys me; she is supposed to act responsibly like a first wife but she’s failing,” he said.

In response, Maggie told the court that she sold the property because her husband was not taking care of the family.

“I wanted to pay school fees for my three children so I had to sell the property.

“He doesn’t give me any money so I had no choice and if I ask for money he beats me up,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Tafadzwa Miti granted a protection in Maggie’s favour.

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