Academy receives 15 Medals

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Academy receives 15 Medals Wilfred Mashaya


Curtworth Masango, Sports Reporter
Zim Ninja Academy won 15 medals from India in the second Virtual International Karate and Kobudo championship 2021.
The Competition was organised by the Traditional Karate-do Okinawa Kobudo Indo Kyokai Organisation Shihan Ayan Chakraborty of India.

The Academy which is an affiliate of Zimbabwe Karate Union (ZKU) participated in 13 Categories winning 15 Medals that comprised of seven gold, four silver and four bronze.

They fielded six participants in total, which were one female adult, one kid and four male adults.

Six-year-old Wilfred Junior Mashaya was one of the contestants and won one gold and one bronze medal in the weapon kata called Terukawa no tonfa and Karate kata respectively.

In an interview, Sensei Wilfred Mashaya, who is the founder of Zim Ninja Academy and father of Wilfred Junior Mashaya said:

“We feel very happy as an academy to achieve 15 medals for our country in these difficult times of Covid-19 pandemic. Under such difficult conditions it feels nice such that you try your best to overcome obstacles so that you continue to raise the country’s flag high,” he said.

“As for my son Junior I feel happy for him. Actually this is not his first tournament. He has actually participated against many countries like Russia, America, Italy and many others and he won many medals. I feel happy because it seems like I have passed on the button so the legacy lives on. I just wish the can do better than me and surpass me because he started at a tender age. I see a world champion in him and I believe when he grows up he will be the darling of Zimbabwe he will make our country Zimbabwe proud. He is talented and I’ve managed to groom him well,” he said.

“As the founder of the Zim Ninja academy I am happy because I have managed to groom men, women and kids. Especially women and kids are doing very well in this sport. We have women like Machingura, who is also doing well and getting medals. We also have Danai Guys and Tariro Nyarufu and many others who are doing well.

“So my vision is for it to be a symbol of excellence not in Zimbabwe alone but regionally and internationally. I believe everything is possible and with these achievements they motivate us and inspire to keep doing our best,” he said.

He added:

“Our only worry is lack of sponsorship. We hope if we can get enough support we can do better than we are doing for our nation. We just hope the corporate world will chip in and help us so that we try to achieve this together so we work on areas that we want to improve. Areas like weapons are a little bit tactical and we put more effort which I feel is my strength.”

15 Medals Breakdown

Gold Medals
Wilfred Junior Mashaya × 1

Mitchell Rudanda Machingura × 1

Vincent Kurai Fambira × 1

(Pair Kobudo Kata) Fredson Mhondiwa & Mitchell Rudanda Machingura

(Pair Kata) Fredson Mhondiwa & Mitchell Rudanda Machingura

Silver Medals

Fredson Mhondiwa × 1

Brian Shepeni × 1

Wilfred M. Mashaya × 2

Bronze Medals

Wilfred Junior Mashaya × 1

Mitchell Rudanda Machingura × 1

Fredson Mhondiwa × 1

Brian Shepeni × 1

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