Accountant, musician all in one

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Accountant, musician all in one Audinance Kuimba


15 May 2018

Audinance Kuimba

RISING musician Audinance Kuimba says music is his life despite criticism and he is in it for passion and not for money.

The singer is an accountant by profession which he says made it difficult for people around him to accept him following a musical journey.

He says he has followed his dream and has come up with an eight track album Basa Rangu, chronicling his journey.

Songs on the album are Huya Utore, Amai Bhoi, Basa Rangu which featured Samukoko, Chikomba Chauya, Chihwerure, Tabuda Mupoto, Huyai Muone and Nhava Yepwere featuring Tendai Chimombe.

“For years it has always been a burning passion in me to become a musician despite the drive to push it parallel with my other profession as an accountant.

“Some colleagues and people around me would say this is not worthy doing as it will not be a reliable source of earning a living ignoring the idea that music is in my DNA with or without income.

“Now that I put rightful steps towards it as I live the life of a person in me, Audinance a musician and not Audinance as accountant. I see almost everyone around me concurring and supporting hence realising that music is all I was born for. This is my job, ibasa rangu,” he said.

The singer is a holder of a Bachelor of Accountancy Honors degree and an ACCA affiliate.

In pursuant of his dream, he also led to the foundation of a recording studio Bekground Studios based in Glen Norah A which he said has also made him able to balance work commitments and music.

“Music has always been a dream hence the idea of a studio. We boast of a group talented guys, Gabriel Morgan the producer, Leeroy the engineer, Simba who is also my manager, Lesra and we also do videos. Everything under one roof,” he said.

The singer works with a band and has done live shows.

“I work with a band, the Bekground Band and I’m happy with how everything has fared so far, ibasa redu and we have appeared live and we hope we will carry on with the drive,” he said.

Audinance also heaped praises on his wife Rungano which is carried in the track Amai bhoi.

“The song is about the good things my wife does for me in my career as a musician and as an accountant, it is a lot and I appreciate it,” he said.

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