Accountant up for maintenance

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Accountant up for maintenance


Takudzwa Mhungu, Court Reporter

AN accountant was hauled to court by his former wife, who demanded $800 for the upkeep of their child.

Varaidzo Chitongo accused Evans Kasaira who is employed as an accountant for neglecting the upkeep their child.

She said Evans is failing to provide for his child yet he works at a high paying job.

“He cannot provide for his child yet he is an accountant realising $2500 per month which is enough for him to attend to his child.

“I do business management for a living realising $700 per month which is not enough for me and my child,” Varaidzo said.

In response, Evans offered $400.

He said he has another family to look after in addition to other expenses which cost most of his income.

“I have a family depending on me and I look after my grandmother.

“I pay rent, buy food and use transport which already is too much for me,” Evans said.

In response, Varaidzo told the court that Evans is lying about paying rent and looking after his grandmother.

“He is lying your worship, he stays at his parents’ house so he does not pay any rent and he does not pay anything for his grandmother,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu instructed Varaidzo to collect Evans’ proof of payment and ordered Evans to bring his bank statements on November 15.



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