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11 December 2018

HELLO H-Metro readers,

I have been following this column with keen interest praying that my day comes when I will be accorded a chance to shine.

I’m writing this column in my own capacity as an actress, script-writer and beautician.

As a multi-tasking lady, we meet quite a lot in business and we are not spared by the challenges faced by ladies in business.

However, I am glad that I have been given this opportunity to share my story, which can change other people’s lives. Read on….


My name is Joey Nyikadzino.


I was born on the 21st of May 1983 in a family of seven – two boys and five girls.

Born and bred in Kambuzuma, I also I did part of my primary education ekhaya.

I did grade one to two at Mutoko Primary School and did my grade three to seven at Nyadire Primary School.

For my secondary education, I wrote my O Levels at Ngezi High before I enrolled at Roosevelt High School for my “A” Levels.

I hold a Diploma in Teaching which I attained at Morgan Zintec and another Diploma I attained at Harare Poly.

As a teacher, I only taught for a full year before I quit to study beauty at Harare Poly between 2004- 2006.

Afterwards I worked at Ebony Hair Salon from 2007 – 2010 before moving to pursue my solo projects as a beautician.

In 2013, I opened Supreme Beauty Parlour which was housed at Park Street Mall between 2013 – 15.

I left the salon to start a beauty parlour  which I ran till September this year.

Determined to settle, I have now opened Whispers Beauty Shop housed at Angwa City.

The environment is conducive and the place is accessible unlike other beauty parlous I used to run.


As a beautician, I would like to open Whispers Beauty School where I will be teaching aspiring beauticians massage, hairdressing and cosmetology as well as supplying my hair and beauty products

I will also launch my brand called Joey’s Cosmetics which comes with a wide range of make-up, hair products and perfumes.

As an actress, I want to empower upcoming actresses, especially those in remote areas.

I have realised that there are many talented actresses who do not have exposure despite having the credentials.

As a script-writer, I will continue writing new scripts for short films and even movies as I have always done.

For the benefit of those who are not in the know, I have featured in a number of plays like The Long Night, Think, Outrage and Missing Chronicles as an actress.

As an actress, I get my inspiration from Mercy Johnson from Nigeria.


I am also one person who has honed her skills after working under some of the powerful ladies in beauty.

Sue Peter, the owner of Ebony Hair Salon who happens to be my former boss is my role model.

Businesswoman Barbara “Mama Red Rose” Chikosi is one of my role models.


I am one person who has achieved quite a lot through my work as a beautician.

Besides looking after my children and family, I am currently developing a house in Madokero and another one in Budiriro 5.

I achieved all this through beauty and I won’t stop doing what I love most.


With most people resorting to juju or lucky charms to boost their business, I am one person who believes in prayer and hard work.

I am a Christian and our values teach us to have faith in God and not use juju.

I am also a prayer warrior and that is the reason I have managed to remain in the game for over a decade and half.


As a multi-tasking woman with a lot of bias towards beauty, there is also a lot of competition in this profession.

However, competition is health for the growth of the industry and I have managed to achieve what I have as a beautician.

Competition makes us strong and we are not afraid of it. 


In my line of business, we are not spared by the economic challenges faced by fellow entrepreneurs.

As ladies in business, there are stereotypes where we perceived as women of loose morals.

Many people believe we can’t make it to the top without the help of rich men.


Regarding my love life, it’s very complicated and I really mean it.

However, I ‘m a proud mother of two and I really love my kids.

I am actually toiling for them so that they have a better future.


I can safely say that my happiest moment came when I opened my first salon which was called Supreme Beauty Shop.

Another moment was my two weeks tour of Asia which I had not planned.

I had travelled to China for business and ended up enjoying the trip, which was extended by a week.


Like any other person, I also have moments where I felt I embarrassed myself.

One such moment occurred when I retired to bed wearing my heels after a girls’ night out.

I took red wine and I was sloshed that I failed to remove my heels and jeans.

I only discovered it the following morning when the shoes messed up my white sheets since I stepped in the mud on our way home.


My advice to aspiring beauticians, actresses and script writers is that nothing is impossible with God.

In my case, I am a living testimony that we ought to follow our hearts and do the right thing to fulfil our dreams.

I would like to urge girls to remain focused and avoid short cuts to success and simply work hard.


I wake up early for a morning jog and then do my school run where I drop my kids at school.

Afterwards, I come to the salon and get back to pick my kids and come back to the salon.

At the end of business, I go home straight where I read and also write my scripts.

I also have time with my kids and I also supervise them on their homework.

On weekends, I spend time with my family and friends.


On a parting shot, I would like to thank my mum who helped me to be a strong woman.

I also want to thank my confidante Trish who has always been there for me.

Lastly, I want to thank my tenants at my salon who are renting a chair for doing business with me.

Thank You!

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