Activist fights for orphans with HIV/AIDS

Latwell Nyangu

Children who are infected with HIV/AIDS and whose parents died of the virus need support and care, an official has said.

Mutongi Kawara founder of Mukundi, an organization that works with orphans affected by HIV/AIDS said their organization has a pillar care model that helps to look after the vulnerable children.

“The idea is to help orphans in general but specifically orphans affected by HIV and who lost their parents due to HIV.

“We have a health and wellness model that includes being part of a family and having caregivers to provide love care and support.

“It also encompasses aspects of mental and physical health support; safe shelter, education; food and nutrition; protection; and time to play, enjoy, and do things together as a family.”

Kawara said, they are creating awareness for their beneficiaries to formulate their own opinions, and knowledge through learning, experimenting, experience, and exploration.

“This will be done through themed camps which will include embarking on nature, culture, science, information, and technology expeditions that are highly interactive and involve a wide array of games, sports, art, music, dance, experience, and exploration.

“We want to allow beneficiaries to become better at discerning individual interests, independent thinking, goal setting, and decision-making.

“At the age of 15-18, beneficiaries under our care will start moving into tiny homes and start living individually and independently in tiny homes/cottages. Though resources will be given to them they will be responsible for efficiently managing them,” she said.

The organization also seeks to allow beneficiaries to integrate themselves more into the community through community engagement projects which include sporting activities.

“Under these pillars beneficiaries will also organize and implement community development projects that target the other vulnerable groups in the community.

“This pillar is built upon the activities and interventions in the other four pillars.

“Our beneficiaries will be able to determine whether they want to further their studies, apprentice, or choose a unique career path.

“It is within this pillar that Mukundi’s vision of individuals realizing their full potential which enables them to become resilient individuals with self-determined futures will be brought to life.”

The organization Mukundi is a not-for-profit organization/association that was registered in January 2024 as an association aimed at helping orphans.

“I was motivated to start the organization because of my life experiences.  I grew up as an orphan, who was born HIV-positive.

“The journey to recovery was long but I gradually got over the stigma in the time I volunteered at a children’s home and worked in Zimbabwe’s rural community.

“My volunteering and work experience gave me insight into the harsh realities faced by orphans and vulnerable children.

“Despite these harsh circumstances e.g. abuse; chronic illnesses or disability to mention but a few, they had hopes for a better future.

“These experiences were my turning point, thus the idea of Mukundi came to be. The passion ignited in me and made me realize that I want to provide supportive systems for orphans to help them grow in love, and care, and achieve their own goals.”



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