Actor tackles child murders in new movie

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Actor tackles child murders in new movie Ernest Mavaza


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

ACTOR Ernest Mavaza has urged player in the creative sector to use their influence and raise more awareness against child ritual murders.

The 33-year-old, who rose to prominence as the protagonist in Matsanga Comedy Series, said child murders among other forms of abuse have become a new cancer that needs a collective effort.

Tapfuma and crew members

As such, Mavava whose affairs are now being run by Team Paghetto Films under the aegis of Takunda Tapfuma, said they will be releasing a movie tackling the issue.


Titled Musoro Wemwana, the movie which was inspired by the suspected ritual murder of Murewa boy Tapiwa Makore, will be unveiled later this month.

Boss Matsanga

Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle through his manager Takunda Tapfuma, Team Paghetto said it was all systems go for the new movie due set to be showcased both on the small and big screens.


“We are really touched by the worrying increase in the cases of child ritual killings as well as abuse.


“Child marriages are also on the rise, which calls for a collective effort among us to ensure that we save young children and make the world a safe place to be.


“As such we have come together as a team of actors to shoot a movie that we hope will go a long way in raising awareness against this new scourge,” he said.


Tapfuma said the movie comes at the right time when national leaders have been fighting child murders.


“The highest office on the land has raised this issue include the Presidium and even our First Lady so as players in the sector we can fold our arms while children are being butchered just like that.


“By coming up with this initiative we are simply trying to use our influence to address the issue,” he said.


In another interview, Mavaza who rose to prominence in Matsanga Comedy Series after quitting Naiza Boom Films, said he was ready for the new challenge.


“Many people know us as comedians who always come up with skits that make people laugh but now it’s not the time to laugh since the world has become a dangerous place to live for children.


“As such, I have decided to partner with my handlers and shoot a movie addressing the plight of young children.


“It’s my wish that the message will be loud and clear to all those who are abusing and sacrificing children for earthly riches,” he said.


Mavaza who now doubles as Coolsplash brand ambassador added:


“To be honest my heart bleeds each time we discuss about child murders and other sacrifices being done by men. I won’t rest until we address these and other issues.”






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