Actor Tunga honoured

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Actor Tunga honoured Tunga (left)


Eltina Chagonda, Entertainment Reporter

Actor Takura “Tunga” Kachambawa has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Impact Africa and Bachelor’s Republic.

Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Tunga was over the moon after landing the new role.


“I am overwhelmed to be an ambassador of Impact Africa because it is a Non-Governmental Organisation which nurtures young talent promoting them to be successful,” said Takura.


He also told this publication that he was willing to assist young people with talents to achieve their dreams.


“I have my initiative that I started called ‘Hidden Talents’ where all artists who are upcoming and not known I endorse them,” he said.


As a model and actor, he clinched the new position of being the Bachelor’s Republic brand ambassador.


“Tunga series which have been aired on ZBC TV which I feature as the main actor made me to attain a celebrity status where clothing companies have started making me their ambassador,” he said.


Takura has multiple talents which are assisting him in making a living.


“I am a model, actor and choreographer who is passionate and aiming to go higher, only the sky can be my limit,” he said.


He said he is writing short films and still part of Tunga series.


“My main talent is acting and by doing so I started writing my own films like ‘The best friend and The wedding day.


“I am still part of Tunga with my best mentor Slim Magombedze who is the best talent nurture when it comes to acting,” he added.

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