Actress Ashley ventures into business

Mathew Masinge

ACTRESS, model and fashion enthusiast, Ashley July, feels young people deserve a helping hand to realise their dreams.

Ashley, 22, has established her clothing line, Ashley July Collection.

It offers an extensive range of products, including ladies’ clothing line, handbags, perfumes, jewelry and mineral water.

Driven by her passion to empower young girls in Harare, and across the country, Ashley believes young women need to be self-sufficient and entrepreneurial.

Her acting career has also been a hit on TikTok ever since she joined popular Allen Skits and she is using the same platform to fight against drug abuse and child marriages.

Ashley’s products have already hit the market and she is working on an online distribution strategy.

“The Ashleyjuly is a passionate experience born inside of me which I turned into a business project.

“Growing up in Dzivaresekwa Extension I realised that I was good at acting, I had the looks and needed something to complement all these efforts.

“I launched the collection to distribute perfumes, handbags and ladies’ clothes after merging my love for fashion, beauty and social media skits,” said Ashley.

She added:

“I encourage all parents and guardians to support their children’s dreams, they must ensure they invest in their passion and learn more about any trade.

“I am passionate about young girls whom I wish to inspire so that they can start their businesses and stay away from premarital sex, drugs, child marriages and prostitution.”

Ashley is also planning to venture into skin care products.

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