Adam hungry for more

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Adam hungry for more Sensei Adam Sneider


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter

KARATE champion Sensei Sneider Adam says he is hungry for more success.

This follows his recent appointment as the country’s representative to the World Koshiki Federation.

The 22-year-old was earlier this year appointed as the International Sports Organisation (ISO) national coordinator for Hando becoming the first black person to hold that position.

“Well surely, hard work pays off because it’s been a long journey and this is just the beginning of it, I’m still hungry for more,” he told H-Metro Sport.

Adam continues saying that his family has also been his greatest motivation. “Predominantly, the drive for all this has been my family and background. My dad toughened me and big brother through initiating us in Martial Arts at a young age.

“Even though my big brother has left the art for studies, I managed to surpass him with the help of my father as well as my other trainers. In line with my background, the motivation has been from the ghetto I am from.”

He added that: “In the wake of the hardships bedeviling our nation, many youths of my age are engaging in deviant activities such as drugs and substances abuse.

“Hence I always wanted to be an example to other youths as well as inspire them to engage in healthy practices as well as self defence practices such as martial arts and up to date, many of them have joined my dojo.

“This has also been a motivation and it’s an ongoing inspiration because I am seeing that many lives are being shaped and transformed through martial arts.”

Adam said the certificate came at a right time in his career.

And hopes it will be an inspiration to someone.

“This was a direct call from the World Koshiki Secretary General who is from United States of America. He approached me and told me that they would need such hardworking people like me on-board.

“In a few words “the sky is not the limit, as there is another horizon and dimension beyond it”. Henceforth, this means that I am work in progress, a non-stopping hard worker. Also, this makes me special in as much as representing Africa and our beloved nation Zimbabwe.”

Asked what next for him, Adam said:

“Exposure and expansion of my dojo’s nationwide. The ball is in my court now I have to make sure I keep it busy because I have already been given a task to gather up my team in Zimbabwe because 2021 is promising fireworks.

“Most events that we missed this year has been scheduled for 2021 and our first trip is Italy because there is the International World Games there this is great opportunity for my students to get exposure.”

However, he went on to clarify on the issue of the Koshiki, which he described as an independent organisation.

“As well the World Koshiki Federation (W.K.F) is an, independent organization, that makes KOSHIKI, already popular around the world, a very good sport for the promotion, development, advancement and prosperity.

“I have to make it more clearly here because many people would think Sensei Adam has left the United World Kyokushin Karate Organization no I’m still here not even planning to Go because Kyokushin Karate is my Life (UWKKO).

“The World Koshiki Federation it is open to all martial arts enthusiasts sincerely in the development, promotion and improvement of excel”

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