Curtworth Masango

FOOTBALL administrator Violet Jubane has urged local clubs to adapt to embrace the evolution of technology.

Jubane worked for 11 years at the ZIFA Central Region before leaving last year in July.

She is involved in sports event management, league management, and sports development and has done several programmes with FIFA.

She is working as a Women’s Football Expert under FIFA and she recently attended the FIFA Women World Cup final and the women’s football convention in Sydney two weeks ago.

“Clubs have to change and adapt because things are changing on a daily basis with the evolution of technology.

“I am happy that some of the clubs have already registered their trademarks, which is a stepping stone and it comes back to as little as having a verified account on X.

“You can’t have several accounts of a team that are active but that is the case with other teams as you find about 16 names of active accounts carrying a club’s name.

“There is a need for education as intellectual property is kind of a new term in the market which is very critical in terms of commercialisation.

“Education and training are key fundamentals in the development of our football.”

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