Adopt a pupil campaign

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Adopt a pupil campaign Fundisa Children's Foundation


10 January 2019

Fundisa Children’s Foundation

Fundisa Children’s Foundation yesterday started the #AdoptAPupil campaign where the organisation will be sourcing donations and sponsorship to help orphaned children.

The organisation has ear-marked 2019 a year of giving and their main goal is to put kids through primary and secondary school.

In an interview with H-Metro, the director, Vimbai Manautsi said it is their year’s resolution to do more for the children.

“This is our 2019 resolution where the organisation has decided to help these children in an extended manner.

“The campaign will be for sourcing donations and sponsorship to help the children in school,” said Manautsi.

The campaign is targeted for orphanages visited the previous year and others.

“We are targeting orphanages we visited the previous year as well as other orphanages,” she said.

The director said the donations will cover the children’s needs.

“The donations will cover yearly tuition, as well as uniforms and basic necessities.

“The help we will get from different individuals will enable us to make these orphans achieve their dreams somehow,” she said.

The director also said some of the children are bright and needed the nation’s help to achieve their dreams.

“We saw so much potential in some of these children and as an organization we have decided to provide for their educational needs with the help of the nation,” she said.

The organization is looking for donations from every individual who would want to help the orphans.

Contact details; Diana Mujakachi +263 773 955 005

Quinton Chikanda +263 772 949 408

Vimbai Manautsi +86 185 114 952 86

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