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Praise Masvosva, H-Metro Reporter

…as WhatsApp exposes illicit affair

APOSTOLIC Faith Mission pastor Maizivei Padzinza’s alleged illicit affair with a married woman has been exposed.

Amos Mapisa and wife Tracy Tsitsi Mutengazanwa during happier times

New Covenant Family Worship Centre, Domboshava, congregants were shocked when Amos Mapisa approached the church accusing their pastor of cheating with his wife Tracy Tsitsi Mutengezanwa.

Mapisa, along with his close family members, produced the mobile phone which was being used by his wife of more than five years where there are love chats with Pastor Padzinza and two other men.

Pastor Mazivei Padzinza and wife

All hell broke loose when their four year child unlocked Tracy’s phone and Mapisa went over it while she was away.

“I found out that my wife has been cheating on me after I went through her phone.

“She was dating Pastor Padzinza and two other men.

“All that I am saying can be supported by these chats which are in this phone.

“I have come here to let the church know what kind of a pastor they have.

“This will help other men to know what their wives are doing at church and maybe he is not only doing it to my wife but to other women in church,” said Amos.

He added:

“Pastor Padzinza has been picking her up in town without my knowledge and they have been meeting several times.

“They were also exchanging love messages.”

Mapisa also told this publication that he wants an apology from Pastor Padzinza and the AFM church.

“I want an apology from the church and also from Pastor.

“I also found out that my wife was also in a relationship with Lucky and another man by the name Shoes.

“There are also chats to show she went to lodges and other different places for love making.

“From the chats in this phone you can see for yourself that she has been going out for dates with these three men.”

Mapisa further told this publication that he was also angered by Tracy’s conversation with her friend Mai Elsie.

“In their conversation the two were discussing about Pastor Padzinza and also Lucky.

“Mai Elsie said it was better if she dates Lucky because he was younger though married but Tracy insisted that Pastor Padzinza was more caring.

“She also said Pastor Padzinza provides her with money.

When contacted for comment Tracy hung up her phone when this reporter introduced himself.

Efforts to get Pastor Padzinza’s comment were futile as his mobile number was not reachable.

One of the Church’s board members who refused to be named due to the protocols of the church apologised to Mapisa.

“As a board member I would like to apologise for what has happened.

“Our mandate is to pray and win souls.

“It’s unfortunate that I have seen the messages but kuitawo kwemumwe arasika.

“We continue urging people to seek the presence of God in their lives.

“We will take the matter to the high office and they will deal with the issue at hand.”

NB: H-Metro is in possession of all the aforementioned chats.





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