Afro-pop artist calls for unity

Maria Chiguvari

AFRO pop artist Nigel “Bagga” Nyagato has called for more unity in the music industry to promote growth. He believes having rivals will be a setback and instead sees other artists as allies. 

Bagga is currently promoting his EP titled 3 Strides and is looking forward to continued growth on his journey. The 23-year-old musician says he likes to think that he makes “street gospel” and draws inspiration from his older brother and close friend. 

He aims to release his first album in 2025 as he is still “pioneering” his sound. 

Bagga believes the industry needs to grow to provide young people with a sustainable livelihood.

“It’s always good to have the support of other musicians in the music business, and I’m happy to say I have a lot of people in my corner.

“The likes of Kayfloew, Naspa, Mycole Biller, Voltz JT, and Kikky Bad***, to mention just a few, but the most supportive musician I have come across so far is Uncle Crooger That guy has been the best friend anyone can ever ask for. He helped me in so many ways over the last few months and he is all about the music.”

He told H-Metro the story of his life and how he became a musician.

“I like to think that I make street gospel. I don’t have a specific way of writing or anything because most of the lyrics just come to me in different ways. Sometimes I get my lyrics and songs from dreams, sometimes I just hear a melody, and from that I make a song. Sometimes I have to sit and focus to get a few lyrics, so it all depends on the mood on different days.

“I used to be in the church choir and every time I sang in church, people cried and danced, so I’ve always known that I was good at singing and my dream was to make music. So, when I got the chance to step into a studio and record, I took that chance and never looked back.

“My inspiration is my older brother and his close friend, they are the ones who still motivate me even today,” he said.

He said he has no rival in the industry, as he loves music a lot.

“It affects the growth of our industry so no matter what happens between me and other artists, I always try to make sure that we solve the issues in a manner that will not affect how we work together in future,” he said.

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