Maria Chiguvari

AFROFUSION singer, Tafadzwa “44 Msalad” Dhliwayo, has a message for those dealing with challenges in their relationships.

He recently released a song titled Zvese, featuring Kim Candy, which he says is bound to resonate well with people having relationship problems.

He believes that his music has the potential to make an impact at international level.

“Giving your partner attention is important despite our hectic lives and busy schedules.

“There is a need to ensure a connection with your partner should always come first.

“When connection and attention are ignored, problems in the relationships can easily occur.”

He said he was singing from life experiences.

“Most of the songs I have written are about the issues I come across, be it in love issues or any other issue.

“In the song Zvese, I saw that the boys and girls are suffering due to lack of communication.

“So, I just came up with an emotional song for both genders and Zvese speaks about both parties accepting their problems and willing to solve them. 

“That’s the main agenda of the song.

“The world we live in now is about facing different challenges including hunger, unemployment and other struggles, so as a musician, I try my best to write music that can bring people together,” he said.

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