Afrow Zenda on own music

27 February 2018

MUSIC producer and upcoming musician Afrow Zenda said he will now focus on creating and producing his own music.

Born Rutendo Zenda, Afrow Zenda is a song writer, singer and Producer.

“I started music in 2011 and it has been my full time career since 2013 when I finished my Advanced Level.

“I later opened a recording studio where I worked as a commercial producer up until 2017.

“To date I have produced for Soul Jah Love, Taurai Mandebvu, Extra Large, Maskiri, Cindy, Ti Gonzi and Shiddoh Brown,” Afrow Zenda told H-Metro.

He said that, he has stepped down from commercial production and is now focusing on making his own music.

“Early February I released my first single titled Cinderella which did well on social media and received decent airplay.

“I am releasing two more singles in March and they will be complemented with videos.

“One of the songs feature Urban legend Maskiri and its titled Kunyengerera Rudo,” Afrow Zenda added.

Apart from singles, he also spoke of the release and launch of his debut album in April.

“My album is titled ‘Zhara’ and it has a collection of love songs on it.

“I am the main producer, however, I’m working with Victor Enlisted, Tinashe Kanda and my protégé Tynoe aka Kedha.

“On this album I have upcoming artistes Ronash and Mimi featuring,” he said.

Afrow Zenda opened Sokowe Mg Studio which he said will be focusing on nurturing rising stars’ talents and smoothening the music production processes.

The producer-cum-musician has also partnered with Mumhanzi Media in an effort to get well deserved publicity.

“Having other people assisting lessens my work load, hence giving me more time to work on my music,” Zenda said in conclusion.