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SUPER group Mokoomba have added Victor Kunonga and Mary Anibal as supporting acts for their last show of 2023.

The show, which comes after a successful tour of 15 countries, takes place on Friday at Rainbow Towers.

Following a memorable year, which also saw the group conquering Europe, the camp can’t wait to meet locals.

Mokoomba have become a successful musical group with a huge following in Europe.

The only challenge is that it has taken over a decade for the outfit to be embraced by their home fans.

Mokoomba won the Music Crossroads Interregional finals in 2008.

However, local fans and promoters have not been giving them the same support that they have been getting from European fans.

The debate will be revisited on Friday when they share the stage with Kunonga and Mary Anibal at Rainbow Towers.

“As a group, we are confident we will make it big on the day.

“We know where we stand and the kind of support we will get.

“Of course, we might not get a full house but what we need is to interact more with local fans,” said Mokoomba band manager Marcus Gora.

Mary Anibal

He added:

“We don’t believe in shortcuts to success but hard work and consistency.

“When we started in 2008, it was never rosy for us but we kept the faith. 

“It will be a reality check on Friday, but we remain hopeful.”

Some of Mokoomba’s major highlights of the year were their performance at the WOMAD Festival (UK) in June.

The group performed in Germany, France, the UK and the Netherlands.

Tickets for their show are pegged at US$10 and are already on sale at Rainbow Towers, New Ambassador Hotel and the First Floor Gallery at Karigamombe Centre.

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