Quinton Rusero

AFTER a six-year romance, a girlfriend decided to introduce herself to the family of her married boyfriend.

Tatenda Mapfumo and Nelson Mwale have been having a secret affair for six years.

They even have a child together.

The child is one year six months.

Tatenda is four months pregnant.

Now, Nelson claims that the revelations have rocked his family and he now claims he cannot live with his wife, and children, in peace.

Nelson appeared before the Harare Civil Court yesterday asking for a protection order against Tatenda.

Nelson said:

‘“I rent for her and she had no right to introduce herself to my family as it caused trauma to my wife and four children.

‘“I have no peace. 

“The other time she came to my workplace and gave my boss our baby, I felt so embarrassed.

‘“She told my wife everything, even my personal stuff and our pillow talks, now my house is tense yet I was supporting her.”

Tatenda said:

“On April 13, we had an altercation and he dumped his vehicle at my house and returned to his wife, I then went to look for him at his house, waiting for him.

“He was angry that I introduced myself to his wife and children as we have been together for six years and he never told me he was no longer interested in me.”

The magistrate postponed the ruling.

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