Zvikomborero Parafini

A MURDER suspect, who had been on the run since 2020 after a robbery in which a neighbourhood watch member was shot dead in Belvedere, has been nabbed.

He appeared in court yesterday.

Fanana Ngwenya, also known as Vusumuzi, was arrested at his base in Bulawayo after almost three years on the run.

He is facing armed robbery, murder and attempted murder charges.

The court heard that on September 11, 2020, Ngwenya and his accomplices drove to Sawarah Shar’s house in three vehicles armed with AK47 rifles, a pistol, revolver and a 12-bore shotgun.

They stormed into the house with others clad in police and army uniforms, and pounced on Shar as he was parking his vehicle.

The gang disarmed him of his 6.35mm Berreta pistol and handcuffed him.

Shar’s wife, Raheema, who was inside the house, heard the commotion outside and peeped through the window to check.

She saw her husband being manhandled and frog marched into the house.

She immediately informed other family members and called members of their local Neighbourhood Watch Committee advising them of the robbery.

The gang threatened Shar’s family and ordered him to lead them to his safe while the others assaulted family members.

They stole US$22 000, a 9mm Glock pistol and a loose magazine, which had 9×19mm live rounds.

Members of the Neighbourhood Watch Committee, Abdul Sapa, Dylan Surtee and the now deceased Ashruf Bhagoo, arrived at the scene.

One of the gang members, who was dressed in anti-riot police uniform, confronted Sapa.

A gang member, in full army uniform and armed with a revolver exited the house, prompting Bhagoo to draw his pistol and fire towards them.

The robber fired back and Surtee was shot once on the head, while Bhagoo was shot multiple times.

Ngwenya and his accomplices disarmed Bhagoo of his Stuger pistol, Sapa of his 10mm Glock pistol and Surtee of his revolver before escaping with the cash and five firearms.

Surtee and Bhagoo were rushed to the hospital where Bhagoo died the following day.

Gang member, Lawrence Maseko, was also shot dead at the scene.

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