Agartha, Mukoma Panga ‘romance’ under spotlight

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Agartha, Mukoma Panga ‘romance’ under spotlight Agartha and Mukoma Panga


Trust Khosa, Assistant News  Editor

IMMENSELY talented gospel diva Agartha Muridzwa and sungura musician Mukoma Panga have both laughed off reports they are having a romantic affair.

Speculation has been rife that two musicians who of late have always been together both in the studio booths and public were now an item.

Mukoma Panga

So convinced were rumour-mongers that the two tunesmiths’ alliance had been taken to another level as the pair boasts of two romantic collabos together such as Uri Wangu, Mai Mwana and a gospel track Dai Ndagona.


After weeks of speculation, Mukoma Panga and Agartha cleared the air on Radio Zimbabwe last Friday during a phone in programme, thanks to show hosts Edias Mafaiti.


The musical pals also took the opportunity to launch their latest love song Mai Mwana.


As expected, show host Mafaiti did not mince his words during the show as he asked both the pair why their ‘chemistry’ has been on many people’s lips in recent weeks.


“Agartha and I are musicians first and we both come from Manicaland province, which has made our working relationship easy as we come from the same roots.


“I take her for my sister and she takes me for a brother which has made our working relationship easy.


“A lot of has been said with some people saying funny stuff but there is nothing going on between us.


“I’m happily married and my sister here Agartha is also married to Pastor Ndembera, which makes her mai mufundisi,” he said.


Asked how he convinced Agartha to sing secular music perceived to be unholy by some church goers, Mukoma Panga explained:


“Before we met in the studio, Agartha and I have always been in touch and I have always loved her music, her collaborations with artistes in other genres and I decided  that we work together.


“By the way, I have collaborated with other musicians like Ethel Musunza on the song Mukoma Panga and then decided to collaborate with Agartha on three songs because of our chemistry in the studio.


“It’s something that we noted that it was working for us and we decided to keep this combination going on.


“I’m happy that we are working together and more singles are coming where I will also feature on her songs.”


Speaking during the same programme, Agartha said it was not a crime for gospel artistes to collaborate with secular musicians.


“By the way, this is not the first time that I have worked with secular musicians.


“Long back, I had a collaboration with Alexio Kawara, most recently Baba Harare and now Mukoma Panga.


“It’s however funny how people are treating my relationship with Mukoma Panga as romantic because to me he is just a brother.


“He treats me like a sister and as musicians, we decided to utilise this connection and chemistry between us to record something,” he said.


Agartha who doubles as the preacher’s wife – known in vernacular as Mai Mufundisi – said she had not committed an offence by working closely with Mukoma Panga.


“It’s sad that there are people who are good at peddling lies as well as trying to be holier than others.


“Some of the church goes vanoda kuita kunge hanzvadzi dza Jeso yet in actual fact they are sinners.


“It’s high time that we come out of our shell and forge alliances with the people perceived to be unholy and find Jesus.


“In my case, I won’t stop seeking Jesus as well as forging alliance with artistes in other genres.


“People should know that I was an artiste first before I became mai Mufundisi and I am also preaching the word through those collaborations,” she said.


Added the diva:


“As a Christian, I have noted that there are people who are living a lie but in my case I know my relationship with God and I won’t be stopped by people who are after tarnishing other people’s images.


“I’m happy that Mukoma Panga came into my life at the right time because I am also learning a lot from him.


“He is a professional person who has taught me how I should carry myself in public as well as assisting me to raise my self-esteem as a person.


“God connects and uses people in a mysterious way and who am I not to take wise counsel.”


Agartha is one of the consistent gospel divas locally along with Janet Manyowa, Mai Charamba, Mai Patai, Bethen Pasinawako and Dorcas Moyo who have been consistently engaging fans in such terrible times of Covid-19 worth mentioning.







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