Arron Nyamayaro

A DIRECTOR at the Language Institute of Zimbabwe was yesterday arrested for fraud.

Liberty Mabayanzira is being accused of cashing on desperate students claiming he had connections to take them to Germany.

Liberty receipted US$1000 to ‘facilitate’ Tadiwanashe Gurure’s bid to go to study in Germany.

However, nothing materialised.

Instead, Tadiwanashe ended up working for Liberty.

Tadiwanashe’s guardian, Kelvin Chakanetsa, enquired with the German Embassy as he tried to establish if they had any relationship with Liberty.

The Embassy told him that Liberty was not their agent.

Chakanetsa then stormed Liberty’s offices in Eastlea to demand a refund.

Liberty said:

“His daughter (Tadiwanashe) failed to communicate with her father about what I meant but I have since apologised.

“It is true that I receipted US$1000 and I want the father to write an email demanding a refund so as to process it.”

Chakanetsa told H-Metro:

“Liberty duped us money claiming to be an agent for a Germany company.

“He started a company and employed my daughter promising to process documents for her.

“He never paid her any money arguing that he was doing her a favour of processing her documents to go to Germany.

“I verified with German Embassy and they denied any knowledge of Liberty and I also learnt that he has been duping a number of students.”

Liberty was arrested and taken to Harare Central Police Station.

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