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AGGA Nyabinde’s handlers yesterday expressed delight following the youthful crooner’s successful album launch on Workers Day’s eve in Harare.

Titled Honai, the album, which celebrates the late Bob Nyabinde’s life, is likely to be a game-changer for Agga as he cements his love with the jazz community.

His father, Bob, died last year in December after losing his battle against diabetes and a stroke.

After his death, Agga and his brother Albert have been working hard to keep the late Bob’s legacy alive.

Four months after his father’s death, Agga unveiled his fourth album, which is set to define him as a musician.

“We are happy with the numbers we had at our launch and the support we got from other musicians.

“Agga has since established himself as a fine musician from the time I started working with him three or so years back.

“He is willing to learn and be innovative, which has made this job easier,” said Agga’s manager Green Manatsa.

Manatsa, who doubles up as Agga spokesperson, urged fans to embrace the musician.

“There is a problem where kids of legends will always be compared to their parents, who started before them.

“In Agga’s case, I am glad that he started recording when his father was still alive.

“The late Bob would accompany him to the studio to record new music and he was always encouraging him to be original, which he did,” he said.

Following the successful launch, Manatsa said they were not resting on their laurels.

“We are not stopping here as the focus is now on shooting videos and, of course, holding more shows.

“We have lined up a series of shows to ensure that we keep pushing his brand so that fans get to know his brand better.

“Of course, it is hard to talk about Agga without mentioning his father but those who have been following his live shows will agree with me that he is his own man out there.”

Agga, who has been recording regularly to boost his discography, enjoys working with other jazz artists.

He works closely with the likes of Victor Kunonga, Mbeu, Tariro neGitare, Samasamba, Selmor, Vazukuru VeAfrica and Mono Mukundu, among others

Besides Honai, he boasts of three other albums namely Kushanda, Basa iBasa and Kufara Kwemumwe.

Meanwhile, his launch coincided with the International Jazz Day (IJD) commemoration held at the Zimbabwe German Society in Milton Park, headlined by Josh Meck and Mono Mukundu.

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