Aids cure tests needed: Ministry

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Aids cure tests needed: Ministry Dr Tapiwa Magure


29 October 2018

Dr Tapiwa Magure

. . . those on ART should continue taking medication

THE Ministry of Health and Child Care has urged patients on anti-retroviral drugs to continue religiously taking their medication.

The call comes amid claims by Prophetic Healing and Deliverance founder Prophet Walter Magaya that he had found the cure for HIV, Aids and cancer based on trials done in India.

However Magaya did not instruct people to stop taking their medication. He also said his herb can be taken concurrently with ARVs.

Yesterday the health ministry said Prophet Walter Magaya still needed to conduct clinical trials in Zimbabwe to prove whether his HIV, Aids and cancer cure claims work.

“The Ministry urges all those who are currently on ART and are stable and concordant with their treatment, not to abandon their prescriptions as these claims still need further verification through stringent clinical trials.

“We can only make a full comment once we are furnished with the Indian clinical trial details,” the ministry said in a statement last night.

Magaya, during his press conference, showed willingness to conduct the trials in Zimbabwe and he is ready to fund the clinical trials.

National Aids Council boss Dr Tapiwa Magure yesterday said they were not aware of the HIV, Aids and cancer cure’s legitimacy.

He said Medical Research Council was the licencing authority for medical researches so he would have to find out if there was such clearance.

“We were at an Aids Conference recently and we never heard of any research being done in the cure for Aids.

“That the Aids cure has been found is news to us.

“If there was anything to that effect I was not involved,” he said.

He said any researches done involve publication in journals where there are updates on stages and the subjects who would have been sampled in the research.

The journals, he said, would show the final outcome.

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