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AN airtime vendor was conned in a botched-up forex deal by a fake politician.

Francis Munhenga, said he gave US$100 to one Salvious Nyahuni, who had convinced him he was a politician, and had access to Zimbabwe dollars.

Nyahuni promised a favourable exchange rate and to deposit $700 000 into Munhenga’s account.

The fraudster later called Munhenga to say he had failed to fulfil his part of the deal and wanted to return the money he had given him.

Nyahuni has since disappeared.

Munhenga reported the incident to Harare Central Police Station under IR number 080739.

“I entered into a deal with this man when he claimed that he had access to Zim dollars, saying he was a politician.

“Since I am in the airtime business, I gave him US$100 in good faith after we agreed that he would deposit $700 000 into my account.

“He then called me on the same day saying that we should meet so that he gives me back my money because he had failed to get the Zim dollars.

“We failed to meet on that day and set up to meet the next day.

“He then called in the evening saying we should meet at Murehwa Centre where he would return my money, but we didn’t meet.

“He called again on another day, but still nothing came out of it.

“He then changed and started giving different statements.

“He even promised to add US$20 due to the delays in returning my money,” Munhenga said.

He said Nyahuni called him on Thursday last week asking that they meet in Harare so that he returns the money.

That was the last he heard from him.

“He is no longer reachable, US$100 may seem like a small amount to some people but, for an airtime vendor like me, it would have gone a long way.

“It would have helped me buy some stuff for my family,” said Munhenga.

Nyahuni could not be reached for comment.


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