Akbay wary of Vengere

14 Jun, 2019 - 15:06 0 Views
Akbay wary of Vengere Erol Akbay


Fiona Ruzha, Sports Reporter

NGEZI Platinum coach Erol Akbay reckons that it will be difficult playing at Vengere when they face Manica Diamonds on Sunday.

The stadium was initially condemned by the Zifa First Instance Body before being approved later.

And Akbay said the pitch is likely to affect their play.

“It (pitch) will not only affect our style of play before but also our opponents are likely to have difficulties because they are playing on it for the first time.

“My first experience with the pitch was not pleasing at all and to also show that something is wrong is that it was initially sidelined and approved later,” he said.

However, the former Highlanders coach said they hope for a win.

“Our preparations are okay especially with what I saw yesterday (Wednesday) and today (Thursday), our tactics are coming out perfectly and defense side is well intact.

“So I hope we will go for a win this weekend and come back home with three points,” he said.

Ngezi Platinum have not been consistent since the beginning of the season as they only won four games.

Akbay said the problem is they are failing to score though playing entertaining football.

“The boys play really good football but the issue is what you do in the last touch.

“We have been creating a lot of chances but the one with the final touch is still missing.

“This has been our problem since starting this season and we hope to get some good players mid-season,” he said.






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