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MEDICAL and Dental Private Practitioners Association of Zimbabwe (MDPPAZ) president, Dr Johannes Marisa, says drugs abuse is now affecting primary school pupils as young as EIGHT years.

He says the cancer has spread into primary schools.

Speaking at the ZRP Primary School prize-giving day in Mt Pleasant on Wednesday, Dr Marisa highlighted the prevalence of musombodhiya, which he said was killing children, and leading to an increase in mental health problems.

“I was very happy that your children’s poems today were mostly about drug abuse at innocent school levels,” he said.

“Drug abuse is now even affecting innocent students from Grade 5.

“Imagine eight-year-old kids are abusing drugs.

“This thing called musombodhiya is killing our children and if I can divulge to you about what is presently at Parirenyatwa Hospitals Annex, where mental patients are admitted, half of its patients are due to drug abuse.

“Luckily, the police are trying by all means to arrest anyone in line with these toxins.

“MDPPAZ, and everyone in Zimbabwe, is asking you to arrest these drug paddlers and the courts must give them life sentences before they kill the next generation.”

He questioned why known drug dealers were still walking free while people know where they stay.

Just know that whoever you know, or see on drugs, will not last more than four years, and these are our future leaders, it’s bad.

“I am so ecstatic about your teaching culture after witnessing your students reciting poems on cholera advocacy. That is why ZRP schools are the best.

“Be reminded that cholera kills very fast and Zimbabwe is in the midst of a cholera outbreak, which has already claimed at least 153 people and infected almost 9 000 people.”

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